Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa :: June 2015

We are very happy to announce that Satsuma Dojo again has the opportunity to host Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa, President for Shotokan Karate-do International Federation (SKIF) and all its 5 million members in 130 countries.

Kancho Nobuaki is the oldest son of Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa. While he spends most of time traveling throughout the world sharing the SKIF philosophy and curriculum, the world is a very big place, and Satsuma Dojo is extremely fortunate to train with him! It's easy for our members to be accustomed to regular visits by Kancho Nobuaki, but we must always remember that most SKIF members in the world may never meet Kancho Nobuaki!

Our seminars will occur on June 16, 18, 21 of 2015, at the Columbia Neighborhood Center. There will be ample opportunities for members of all ranks to train with Kancho and to get autographs and pictures. See the attached flyer for details of the schedule and the fees.

Satsuma Dojo is one of the three original SKIF dojo in the United States from 1983. We continue to enjoy a strong relationship with SKIF that was initiated by Sensei Isao Wada, the founder of Satsuma Dojo.

See the Flyer!

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