Our Sensei

Jay Castellano, Kyoshi. Sensei of Satsuma Dojo

Sensei Castellano is one of the most highly respected martial arts instructors in all of the Western United States, and is now chief instructor of the Satsuma Dojo. He currently holds a 7th dan in Shotokan Karate from karate legend Hirokazu Kanazawa and a 3rd dan from Iwao Tamotsu, the familial head of the Renshinkan style of Shorinji Ryu Karate.

In 2010, Sensei Jay Castellano was highly honored with the title of Kyoshi* personally by Kancho Kanazawa. This is a rare honor in all karate and a is mark of distinction and dedication to his students, his dojo, and karate-do. He has also earned the rank of Nana-Dan (7th Dan) in 2011 from Kancho Kanazawa.

Sensei Jay is also a proud participant as ::


*Kyoshi = Master Teacher

Isao Wada, Shihon. Founder of Satsuma Dojo

The Satsuma Dojo was founded by Shihan Isao Wada. Shihan Wada is a 7th dan in Shorinji ryu and a 6th dan in Shotokan. He opened the Satsuma Dojo and taught karate throughout the Bay Area, for more than 30 years before his retirement in 2001.