Special Events

Several times each year, Satsuma Dojo either hosts or is invited to a number of events which showcase the ideals taught in our dojo. These events are exclusive training sessions like our Summer Gasshuku, once in a lifetime seminars from Kancho Kanazawa, and renowned demonstrations like for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Satsuma Dojo has been apart of these events, both within the local community and attracting karate dignitaries world-wide for over 30 years.

Cherry Blossom Festival

In early 1983, a delegation from Toyokawa, Japan, visited the city of Cupertino to present a gift of 200 cherry trees. The Cherry Blossom festival is an annual event celebrating the blossoming of the trees and the many friendships that have grown through the Cupertino-Toyokawa Sister City Program. Our demonstration at this festival continues a 30-year tradition for the Satsuma Dojo. In actuality, it is a straightforward and abbreviated class consisting of kihon, kata, kumite – and maybe something special!

Summer Gasshuku

Please join us each fall for our Summer Gasshuku: a special 4-hour training session led by Sensei Jay Castellano and the Satsuma Dojo. This unique training opportunity benefits the Lowell Slater Richardson Foundation, a non-profit foundation that awards college grants to “at risk” students. All ranks, styles and levels are welcome to participate in what has become a favorite and famous event – don’t miss it!


Several times each year, Satsuma Dojo is honored to host a number of highly ranked and highly respected karate-ka for training seminars at our dojo. Kancho Kanazawa, Sensei Nobuaki, Sensei Murakami, Sensei Kwok, Sensei Mikami are only a short list of teachers we have already hosted. Subscribe to our site to keep up to date with future announcements!